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How We Work

Each website project has a beginning and an end. Some sites, depending on your budget and what you want to accomplish, may require multiple projects to achieve your website goals.

The steps below will outline a clear process that we follow.

  1. You request a web project by clicking on the Get Started button on our home page.
  2. You read through the requirements on that page and, if those requirements are acceptable, you click on the Request A Web Project button at the bottom of that page.
  3. You fill out the web project request form and click Send Request at the bottom of that page.
  4. We review your request and schedule a meeting to flesh it out.
  5. If all goes well and we agree that we can work with each other, we’ll provide you with a website proposal that includes a summary of your project and the pricing.
  6. If you agree to the project, we give you a contract to sign and return to us.
  7. At that point, the design process begins. We require 50% payment to begin the website design. This is an interactive process and will require your time and involvement, although we recognize that you’re busy with your business and will try to minimize the time we need to spend together.
  8. When the design has been finalized, we require the next 30% payment to develop the site on our own hosting server. You will supply any images and content for the website. We have some sites that offer free images for any use, but you will have to be certain that you have the rights to any images you want us to add to your website. If you aren’t able to supply the requested content and images, we can always implement the website without those and leave it in your hands, but a bare bones website won’t achieve your goals. The development process will also require your involvement as the site construction continues to avoid having a lot of rework. Many small course corrections prevent disappointment and make the site match your vision. You will also need to test the functionality before before you approve the website.
  9. When the development and testing has been completed and you’ve approved the work in writing, the final 20% of the payment becomes due. You will need to have purchased a domain name and hosting before the implementation can begin. We also recommend getting SSL since Google be taking that into consideration when ranking your website. When the final payment has cleared, we will move the web over to your server and give you the keys to your website.
  10. If at any time in this process you do not respond to us with the items required within two weeks, we’ll bill you for any work done to that point and stop working on the website until you supply the required items. We don’t do this to penalize you, it’s just that we need to keep working on billable projects to keep our business going. Once we’ve stopped work and billed you, we’ll need to reschedule the remaining work.

Upon completion of the project, we will support your website for thirty (30) days to touch up anything that was included in the original design, if necessary.

After that, we’ll look forward to working with you again on additional projects to achieve any goals not included in the original design.

We reserve the right to modify this process as necessary at any time. Any information shown on this page is not binding. The contract will include what’s necessary to support this process.

We like to see you succeed, and we believe that when you succeed, we succeed.